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What We Do

  • Peoplen work Consulting delivers tailored People and Organization interventions and programs.


  • Backed-up by extensive experience in HR management, we perform rigorous HR Audits to understand your HR practices’ current status, perform gaps analysis, and develop the roadmap leading to the HR transformation, necessary to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s HR programs and practices.


  • Our HR Audits help companies realize whether their HR practices help, hinder or have little impact on the business goals and transform the HR department into an effective business partner.

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The actual cost of an HR audit depends on the scope of the review, the number of people interviewed and the size of the organization. Consequently, the expense varies greatly from one situation to another


Best Practice HR Solutions

Provides technical expertise across all aspects of Human Resource Management


PeopleNwork Consulting conducts the HR audits using:
  • Questionnaires and interviews with a variety of employees will be administered, and aimed at evaluating specific HR practice areas and programs in place.


  • A review all human resource policies, procedures, systems and forms in place.


  • Our well designed data and information collection tools allow the audit team to scrutinize all critical areas of the organization’s HR practices.


  • selected employees and department managers will be solicited to learn whether certain policies and procedures are understood, practiced and accepted.
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Our Purpose

  • At peopleNwork Consulting, we are passionate about elevating the HR Department’s contribution to the business, by identifying gaps and potential issues, then finding solutions before possible HR problems become unmanageable and hinders the business achievements.
  • Our Audits are conducted in an independent, objective, and systematic way to provides assurance that:
  • Compliance and governance requirements are being met
  • Human resource management risks are fully identified, assessed, and managed
  • Business and talent management objectives are being achieved
  • The organization’s human capital adds value
  • The organization’s HR practices are future ready


A Comprehensive Audit Report will be released 30 business days after completion of the Data and Information Collection Phase.
The Report will include the following:
  • The results of the HR Gap Analysis
  • A Risk Assessment Analysis
  • An overall compliance recommendations
  • A complete Roadmap to transform the HR department

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