• PeopleNwork is the representative of Mentally Fit in the Middle East.
  • Mentally Fit energizes workforces – employees, managers and leadership teams – worldwide to build organizations that produce superior results. For over 25 years, Mentally Fit have delivered on this promise by strategically aligning leadership, talent, and culture within organizations globally. This is achieved by acting on the 3 interconnected gears of every organization:

1.Operational support for the field forces (Personal Energy & Self Leadership for employees and first line managers);

2.Leadership boost for Team Leaders (Team Energy & People Care for Mid- and Senior Managers);

3.Cultural transformation for Boards & Leadership Teams (Transformational Energy for Top Executive Leaders).

  • Mentally Fit integrates best practices and simple methodologies and applies them to learning experiences for individuals, for teams and for corporations.
  • To learn more, visit the website.

Mentally Fit Global Clients